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website designing in keshav puram

Domain name:

Name of the website (, address where people can reach you worldwide. Domain name here can be your company name, your brand name etc. Domain extension .com is domain extension. There are more options for this: .in,, .org etc. Most preferred is .com. is allotted by Government of India to the Government departments Website designing .

Web Hosting / Server:

The storage space or a remote computer who server your website files/code to visitors of your Website designing .

Web hosting can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS- Virtual Private Server
  • Dedicated Server

There is a major difference between the three. All above does the similar task to server files to visitors on your website. Shared hosting cost you around Rs 1500 to Rs 4000 depends on configuration and ad dons you buy. So what is the other two for? What happens when there will be threshold limit of server comes, it will come when your site visitors starts getting increased. When you have thousands of visitors visiting your site weekly. Then there is a time to upgrade to VPS. VPS cost around Rs 3000 - Rs 7000/- monthly. Depends on addons and configuration you buy.

What are addons we are talking above?

Cpanel: Used to manage your server if you don't know how to use server in command line. Online Backup: Backup of your files and database and backup frequency. Keshav puram, New Delhi top website developers.You can hire your expert from us and maybe he is only the best for you.

Why we need dedicated server?

If you are a big company. It suits your style. It greed your visitors too. When your website have thousands of visitors visiting read information about your products and services daily. You must need a dedicated server to fulfill there request instantly and aggressively. Dedicated server will starts at Rs 7000/- monthly - 2 lakh per month. Dedicated server can be collection of many server located at various geographical locations of Keshav puram, New Delhi.

CDN: Content Delivery Network

Serving visitors from the nearest possible geographically located server to speed up things.

Design of you Website designing :

You must have the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to work n now. HTML is used to structure website content, CSS for design, theme and colors. JavaScript is for animations, user interactions etc. You need professional agency to perform these jobs. Developer can start to develop from scratch or there other options. Options you have is to buy a ready made template. Many website are there where you can select templates- themeforest, template monster among the top companies providing templates. A template will cost around $15 to $200. Depends on the design and features of template.Branding, Digital Media Marketing and Print Media Marketing:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization: Website designing Keshav puram, New Delhi

What is the use of artwork when no one in the world is able to see it. Same is case with your website. You spend lakh of amount on development and server. What next if no one is able to reach your content. You need to get the SEO done for your website. This rocket science is just a checklist of regular tasks need to perform, some tasks need a daily frequency, some weekly and tasks are one time jobs.

Branding, Digital Media Marketing and Print Media Marketing:

Spared the link of your Website designing all over. Use it in staff business cards, in newspaper advertising, TV ads campaigns, Radio campaigns. Ask you visitors to fill some forms, ask them for feedback. Try to engage visitors to your site from Keshav puram, New Delhi. Go for Google Adwords, Facebook ads, twitter ads. These are paid services and you also need a digital marketing agency to perform these tasks.

Building Internet

Have a look through websites designed by our team in past. Click snapshot for details.

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