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Web Hosting

Web Hosting refers to hard drive space on a server where you put your website.

Web hosting is such a work without which a website will never reach the outside world. Hosting is like the intermediate between the website and the internet. Hosting is the process of publishing a website on internet. Basics things to be considered before hosting a website: The first and foremost thing before hosting a website is that one must understand how a particular hosting package can benefit the client, the goals and needs of the website should be planned in advance.

The second thing is to choose the best hosting company. When choosing a hosting company there are some certain ingredients that can make the difference between the success of the website and total failure of the website on internet. There may be some questions raised before hosting a website. 1. Is it secure and stable setup, the hosting company is providing? 2. Will you want to have service even at night if your site and mail creates problem? The right decision would be the choosing a reliable hosting company who will always give you a best and secure service and will solve your problem while it arises in any time.

It is very important that your website must not push you to loss. It not unknown for the websites to go down only to discover that person responsible for fixing the server is on holiday or otherwise unavailable. Every time your website is down your business loses money, so compromise on hosting can cost you in other ways. The most reliable hosting companies provide dedicated customer support and technical services, capable of dealing with you issues day and night. If your website goes offline you don’t want to wait a couple of days before discovering the problem. You will want to be sure your provider will identify and correct the issue before you even know about it.

The most important thing is that although a website can be hosted in anywhere in the world, the choosing of a local hosting company would be the best. if you are working in India and your hosting company is in America then it would be not well for you. Because you have no choice if the hosting company indulge with you. It would be not feasible choosing an international hosting company. International calls are costly and the hosting company may not response to your calls if you want to report a problem. A best web hosting company should have enough backup safe grounds to ensure your website never goes down. The last thing you want is the server with your site on it floating through a flooded building with no appropriate backup stored high and dry elsewhere. The same goes for the connections to web.

There is another consideration in case of hosting a website is the downtime needed by the site. it is very important which hosting company guarantees uptime? But how much is it feasible? The difference between 99.5% and 99.9% uptime might not seem very much but actually equals to 42.9 hours of your site being unavailable to customers each year. That is two days of forced closure with no sales and no income. These are number of factors to consider value hosting solution for your site. It is important to not only understand your current goals but have an idea for how the website is likely to involve.

The choosing a hosting plan, there are few key considerations. Data storage, data transfer, bandwidth, database and scripting technology. Most hosting accounts come equipped with features such as email. Even so there are some that consider email an added extra for fee. Check for the features you need beforehand so you have a clean idea of the total cost of the package. Most hosting plans contain more than enough data storage for the majority of websites. But certain files take up more space than others.

The bandwidth is the most important in case of hosting a site. Bandwidth is the pipe that connects the website to the internet. It is the measure of the amount of digital information that can be accessed within a given time period. For example, If your main webpage is 500 kilobytes in size, then every time the web browser access it, 500 kilobytes of data travels down the pipe. The speed of this data is transferred depends on how many people are accessing data down the pipe at the same time and how large your pipe is. Large files such as audio and video eat up bandwidth just as they eat up data storage. Putting a lot of large files in your website can stop the flow of data through the pipe and make your website much slower to load in a visitor’s browser if a lot of people access that content at once.