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SEO- Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the website to make it visually effective on search engine. Thus giving higher positions in search results. Search engine optimization affects the visibility of a website over internet. It exposes the website to more numbers of internet surfers. Search engine optimization is the technique for designing and developing a website so that it effective comes out in search engine’s search results. It is the traffic creator process for a website. It creates more customers and hence make a path of benefits in online businesses.

Search engine optimization is the part of search engine marketing. Search engine optimization copywriting is the process of writing viewable text on a webpage so that it comes easily readable for the visitors. It is the process of ranking the site high on search results.

Search engine optimization copywriting also usually optimizes other elements of webpage for targeted search results.

Ranking of search engine:

When a visitor visits a website using search engine, it displays a number of results stored in its database. The page ranking is measured by the position of web pages displayed in the search result. If the search engine puts a website on the first position, then the website will be said ranked 1. For example when we type Face on Google then at the top of search result the Facebook site comes. Therefore Facebook site will be said 1st ranked. This is the optimization of the site Facebook on search engine. There are two types of search engine optimization 1. On page optimization. 2. Off page optimization.

On page optimization includes good content, good keyword selection, putting keywords on correct places, giving appropriate title to each page. Off page optimization involves the increasing of link popularity and link exchange. For search engine optimization the designing of website should be impressive.

A website gets popularity with the number of traffics increment. For increasing traffic to a site the website should be very beautiful and effective so that it attracts a number of visitors by its property, design, purpose and most importantly user-friendly interface.

Optimization of keywords:

The keyword is the term which is used to match the query in search engines query searching space for finding out results. For example Facebook, Gmail etc. are the keyword pressed on the search space available on a search engine. The frequency keyword is measured as the number of times the keyword appears in a website title.

The weight of keyword is measured as number of keywords appeared on the webpage compared to the total number of words appearing on the same page. The proximity of keyword is the placement of keyword on a webpage in relation to each other. The keyword placement is the keywords placed on a page.

Optimization of title:

The page title is the title of the page displayed in the title bar of the browser window. The title should not be much long. Approximately it should be within 60 characters. Use of keywords at the beginning of the title is very necessary. Company name should not be included in title unless it becomes popular. It is necessary that each page should have unique title. The homepage title should begin with primary keyword phrase. The contents of a site are most important thing. Contents make the site attractive and impressive. Contents may of different types such as text, videos, audios, graphics or images. It is not good to use excessive video or graphics because they take more times to load and not even search engine friendly. The good quantity and impressive contents makes the site more popular and hence traffic also increases by it.

Irrelevant contents makes the site contaminated and visitors also don’t want to read these. When visitors visit a site they want fresh and good and relevant topic suited for the site. The materials of the site may reflect the standard of the site. The contents should be unique and easy to understand. Search engine optimization copywriting involves the process of integrating keywords and informative phrase which make the actual content of a site. Keyword density should be good as per search engine allowance. The title should be attractive and meaningful so that it reflects the organization’s image. Ambiguous languages should be avoided. The organization of the contents should be eye- catching.

There are some rules and instructions from World Wide Web consortium regarding creation and management of sites. According to it validation and verification is very necessary. Validation: Validation means the website must do that what the visitors require actually. Verification: The website should conform the specification.