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MySQL is a Relational Database Management System currently managed by Oracle. It is free and open source and is also available as a commercial product for large enterprises. Phpmyadmin is a popular gui tool for managing MySQL database engine. MySQL is very popular among PHP developers and is available with XAMPP stack. It is a scalable database and is suitable for small as well as enterprise level application development. SQL language is used for managing data inside MySQL database. Databases allow a website or web application to become dynamic in nature. Without the use of Databases only static websites can be made.

My SQL is a relational database management system. It is the most widely used open source relational database management system in the world. This is now owned by Oracle Corporation. My SQL is now a popular database for most of the web applications.

Features of My SQL:

My SQL has several striking features. It has two different editions. Open Source MySQL Community server and Proprietary Enterprise Server.

  • 1. It has cross platform support.
  • 2. It has embedded database library.
  • 3. It has Unicode support.
  • 4. It has multiple storage engines.
  • 5. It has updatable views.
  • 6. It has triggers.
  • 7. It has cursors.
  • 8. It has SSL support and many more.

Database is a separate application that stores a collection of data. Each database has one or more distinct API’s for creating, accessing, managing, searching and replicating the data that it holds. And a relational database management system is a database management software which enables one to implement database with tables, columns and indexes. It can update the indexes automatically. It interprets an SQL query and combines information from various tables.

A My SQL database management system contains the following items:


Database is a collection of tables with related data.


Table is a matrix with data. It is like a spreadsheet in database.


Column contains the data.


Row is a group of related data.

Primary key:

A primary key is a unique key that cannot be applied twice in the same table. It is the specific key which will specify the unique identity of similar items.

Foreign key:

It is the key which establishes the relationship between two tables.


Index is the resemblance of indexes in a book.

Compound key:

It is the key that consists of multiple columns.

The MySQL queries are the basic players of data manipulation, data definition in database. Queries are used to store data, delete data, update data and many more purposes. These queries send the user information to the database and retrieve the same data for display. The queries are the main components of playing with data. Without these queries the interaction with user is impossible. Billions of user information are stored on databases using these queries. Insertion to deletion, retrieval to update everything is performed by the SQL queries. Queries are the running force for data. A query includes a list of columns to include the final result following the select keyword. Select is the most complex statement in SQL. Some other clauses do optional works with data.

My SQL works very well in combination with various programming languages. PHP is the most popular language where SQL queries are used for web application. PHP provides various functions to access MySQL database. General form of PHP function in MySQL is as follows: Mysql_function (value, value, value…);

There are basic three functions to be used before inserting data to database. Database creation: The PHP function for database creation is: Mysql_query (sql, connection); The PHP function for database connection is: Mysql_connect ($connect); The PHP function for selecting database is: Mysql_select_db (db_name, connection); User interfaces of MySQL: Graphical user interface: Graphical user interface is a type of interface that allows user to interact with the device through graphical icons. Graphical user interfaces are easy to learn than the command line interfaces.

My SQL Workbench:

My SQL Workbench is the official integrated environment for MySQL. It was developed by MySQL AB. It enables user to graphically administer MySQL databases and visually design database structures. It is available in two editions. Free and open source edition and proprietary standard edition.


It is a MySQL front end for managing contents in MySQL databases. It is distributed under Apache license. It capable of managing multiple databases.

Database Workbench:

It is a software application for development and administration of multiple relational databases using SQL. Because of supporting multiple databases it offers the same interface and development environment for the developers. It supports Oracle database, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, NexusDB, MySQL and MariaDB.


It is the free and open source tool written in PHP to handle the administration of MySQL with the help of web browser. It can perform various tasks such as creation, modifying and deleting of databases, tables, fields and rows. It can manage users and can give permission to access database.