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Html or Hypertext Markup Language is used to give structure to a webpage. Each and every page on the internet is made using Html. The language consist of tags with different meanings associated with them. There are paragraph tags, heading tags and script tags etc.

HTML text is a special kind of computer document in which certain words act as links that take us from one part of the document to another. World Wide Web is like an extended kind of hypertext because when we click on a hyperlink it takes us to another point in the same document of file or to another document /file on the same or to a document on another computer. The protocol used by web servers to communicate is called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is the way in which two machines on the internet can communicate in sending web pages back and forth.

HTML is a specific instance of mark up language based on standard known as Standard Generalized Markup Language. HTML documents are ASCII text file text file that can be edited using simple editors such as VI and EMACS. HTML is used for the document specification that is it is used to specify the logical structure of the document. We can mark some text as being a section header without any specification of what the header looks like. An HTML document is built upon ASCII text that has been marked up with tags like:

Some special HTML tags:

UL this tag is used for an unnumbered list; LI this tag is used for an item in a list; OL this tag is used for numbered list; PRE this tag is used for preformatted text; HTML hypertext links are implemented through anchor tags. There are three kinds of targets for an anchor HREF.

First target another location within the same HTML file. Second target is another HTML file on the current machine. Third target is a URL link to an HTTP server, a FTP server etc.

HTML is a platform independent language that can be used on any platform such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux and so on. To display a document in web it is essential to mark up the different elements of the document with the HTML tags. To view mark up document, user has to open the document in a browser. A browser understands and interprets the HTML tags, identifies the structure of the document and makes the decision about presentation of the document. HTML also provides tags to make the document look attractive using graphics, font size and colours. User can make a link to the other document or the different section of the same document by creating Hypertext links known as Hyperlink.