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C# is a popular and very powerful language. It is used along with asp.net to build dynamic websites. Other popular language that is used with asp.net is Visual Basic. C# can be used for developing websites as well as standalone software solutions. The websites made with C# can only run on windows server. Software made with C# run on Windows platform. C# is faster than java because it is platform dependent. The most popular IDE for writing C# code is Visual Studio. This IDE is available as free express edition for web etc. You may also get Visual Studio Professional for a nominal price. The websites made in C# run on IIS – Internet Information Services.

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C# is a multi-paradigm object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative. It is one of the programming language developed for common language infrastructure.

Features of C#:


C# is a very simple programming language. Pointers are absent in C#. Moreover direct memory manipulation is not allowed in C#. It has the feature of automatic memory management and garbage collection.

Object oriented:

C# supports almost all the features of an object oriented programming language. It supports inheritance, data encapsulation, polymorphism etc. characteristics of object oriented programming language.


C# supports COM and Windows based applications. It allows restricted use of native pointers. C# allows the users to use pointers as unsafe code blocks to manipulate old codes. The components from VB.NET and other managed code languages are directly used in C#.

Scalable and Updatable:

.NET has introduced assemblies which are self-describing by means of their manifest. Manifest establishes the assembly identity, version, culture, and digital signature etc. Assemblies need not to be registered anywhere. Update to a new version is possible in C#.

Methods and function of C#:

C# has support for strongly-typed function pointers via the keyword delegate. It offers Java like synchronized method calls through the attribute [Methodimpl (Methodimploptions.synchronized)] and has support for mutually exclusive locks via keyword lock. The type dynamic allows for run time method binding, allowing for JavaScript like method calls and runtime object composition.

Polymorphism in C#:

Multiple inheritance is not supported by C# as in C++. But here a class can implement any number of interfaces. It was a design decision by the architect to avoid complication and simplify architectural requirements throughout CLI. C# allows the programmer to implement each method depending on the interfaces on which the method has been called. C# also supports operator overloading.