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Photography is the art of capturing the truth. A portrayal revealing the truth of existence. An art of expressing divine feeling of mankind. An art of binding the aroma and ravishing beauty of surroundings. A portrait of optimism. All these are less to describe photography.

Who is not keen fond of photography? It would be rare to find someone who is not passionate about photography. Capturing the living truth of life with a camera could be a worth and satisfaction for human beings. Taking from alluring to horrible, thunder to calm, hilarious to obnoxious, wrath to love everything can be captured only through a medium which is photography. Few words cannot describe what photography is.

For someone it could be a frenzy, for someone it could be a hobby, for someone it could be a profession, for someone it could be a food of two times. How can it be described? Everything is less to express what photography.

How divine would be the feeling whether capturing the stunning beauty of the seas, alluring beauty of the mountains, enchanting beauty of the cities, ravishing beauty of the beasts! Again how it would be while capturing the terrible carnages, massacre of humanity! Everything that could be explained only through photography.

With the unprecedented growth of internet technology photography got a pace that was unexpected earlier. Only photo uploading and sharing have a worth of millions now. The photo sharing sites and social networking sites are becoming granary of photographs. The revolution of photography taken by the social networking sites has changed the world of photography. It is not only a hobby or profession now it’s a billion dollar assets for internet entrepreneurs. With only the photo sharing sites the owners are getting tremendous response from the users. Every day millions of photographs are uploaded and shared on social networking sites. The surprising growth of internet has created a world of photography which was just a work for the professionals few years back but now it is a large asset business. Hobby just turned to income source in a single night. Sharing of photograph is now a fashion. A photograph shared on social networking sites just get millions of viewers within a minute. A photograph jerks the world in a second. This is how technology has changed the world of photography. Now photography not just tells it awakes people. The power of photography is now just out of bound.

Photography can create a quick revolution now. It has the power of change. It has the power of creating movement. It has the power of derailing. It has the power of dismounting. Photography has now become the way of social reformation. It speaks everything. It can do everything.

Modern technologies have changed the premise of photography. It has just become the almighty. It can create, it can destroy. Taking from aselar cameras to mobile phones the trend of photography is just out of imagination. Everyone is now fond of clicking a photograph. A simple photographer can be a millionaire now regarding the fast moving internet world. It is becoming a bright career for thousands. Individually photography is now a billion dollar asset for the internet entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship building is just moving on day by days. Only in India it is going to be a million dollar company for the entrepreneurs. Already some entrepreneurs got massive success in this field and it is emerging as new platform of employment of the youths. It is a career now, it’s a business now, it is a company now and more it’s a corporate world’s prospective place of investment. Lots of corporate stake holders are looking forward to it after seeing it’s immense success as a business. Social networking sites have created a large market for the digital photography along with a rapid growth market for the electronic device manufacturers with digital camera installed in these. This is a photographic world, click , upload, share ,download are common words for internet users. An era of photography has come. Let’s let’s feel it, let’s live it.

In words of Ansel Adams….. “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.