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Android Application Development

Android has become a common household name and is the most used smartphone platform around the globe. It is an open source operating system, so almost all vendors including Samsung and HTC use it to develop their smartphones. Apart from smartphones android is used as an os platform for smartwatch also referred to as Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto.

Android is popular because of the vast number of applications that can be installed on top of it. Android applications can be installed from various market places. Google Play is the biggest market place for Android applications. All popular apps can be downloaded from this marketplace. There are paid apps as well as free apps. If you are developer and want to develop for the android platform, you will have to register as a developer. You can download the necessary development tools from the android developer website. For development of android application, Android Studio is used. Each new release of android comes with a new software development kit or sdk for short. You may test your application on android virtual device which is an emulator or on a real device. The development of an android application is complex. We at Black Butterfly are experienced in android application development and try to make your app standout from the rest.

Android is now a familiar term for the mobile users. It is now a dominating operating system in the multimedia mobile sets. Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel developed by google. It is primarily designed for touchscreen smart phones and tablet computers.

Android software development is the process of developing applications for the android operating system. Applications are developed in Java using the software development kit.

Android applications are very popular applications now. These applications has changed the world of mobile applications. Now more than one million mobile applications are available on Google Play Store. These applications are getting tremendous response from the subscribers and downloaders. These applications are very popular because of ease of use and install. The corporate house is likely liable on android applications as through these applications they are getting large number of customers for their products. Now every corporate firm has its own android application available on google paly store. Even the government organizations are also pushing themselves towards customers through the android applications.

From education to research, purchasing to selling, small scale industries to large scale industries are forwarding themselves to the market through the android applications.

Android is a large market now. More than 60% of smart phones are now android installed according to survey. Android is ruling the smart phones and tablets.

Android SDK:

Android software development kit is the set of tools for development of android applications. These tools include a debugger, libraries and a handset emulator based on QEMU, documentation and codes. It now also supports windows, Mac and Linux. After its release until 2014 the integrated development environment for android was “eclipse” but from 2015 Android Studio became the integrated development environment for android applications. Android SDK also supports older versions of android platform. Android application development process involves the same process for software development. An application should reflect all the features according to requirements. It should work properly on android operating system. Installation should be smooth and easy.

Android applications are now very common for the business organizations. They are doing very good business with these applications. Android applications have huge market over internet. Google play which was formerly known as android market itself is a huge international online software store for android devices. According to survey 40 billion times android apps have been downloaded from Google Play. More than 1.3 million apps are available on Google Play right now. And number of apps is surprisingly increasing daily. Android applications are covering a great portion of the online market. The e-commerce sites are now easily available with their respective android applications. The online market of applications are now dominating the corporate world. Taking from large social networking sites to small chatting applications everything is now coming up with their android applications. Those online things which needed to be opened via a personal computer or any device are now available on mobile in the physique of android apps. Now there is no need to open the large site for various purposes. All are compacted within the applications. Ease of usability is the striking feature of the android applications. Taking from ticket reservations to delicious food order all purposes can be handled through android applications.

Government organizations are also not logging behind the private sector. Now government enterprises have their android applications for the customers. Even the inflation stricken Indian Railways have their own reservation app. Therefore it can be imagined how the android applications have changed the global market of enterprises. It would be worthwhile to say that android applications have revolutionized the mobile phones world by its greatest contribution of android operating system.

Android is popular with those technology companies which require a readymade, low cost and customizable operating system for high-tech devices. Android’s open nature has encouraged millions of developers to develop applications without any expenditure. Because of its open source nature new experiments on android is possible by which lots of development progresses are being seen this time. Open source property leaves android to those enthusiasts who are always questing for a new and innovated technology. The success of this operating system has created a war among the smart phone companies. Every smart phone company is competing with each other for coming up with new applications and new features on android. Thus a corporate battle has just begun with the android applications.