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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Phone is one of the greatest invention of the 20th century. The freedom to carry a phone anywhere you go allows one to stay connected with rest of the world. You can call anyone or simply send a text message. The history of mobile phones is quite interesting. Starting from keypad and a small antennae to smartphones with touch enabled screen, internet connectivity and a whole variety of applications. The different kind of mobile devices available in the market today are based of several different platforms. Android and iPhone devices are currently leading the smartphone industry. Some other giants are working hard to stay in the race. Microsoft bought Nokia and is currently selling mobile phones based on its latest windows platform. Blackberry is another well-established name in the mobile device industry.

The success of a mobile platform is sometimes measured by the no. of active developers that develop applications for that platform. Each platform host a wide range of applications. Be it Facebook or Twitter or the popular messaging app Whatsapp, they all have their respective app for all the major mobile platforms that are mentioned above. There are separate development tools and separate technologies for developing apps for different platforms. If you are a developer you may get the required development tools from their respective websites. Mobile applications have also started to replace traditional desktop based software. Because it is portable you can very easily carry it with you anywhere and can operate your application cum software anytime and anywhere. This not only saves time but also improves productivity.

Mobile application development includes Android application development, iPhone application development and Windows phone development.

Mobile application development is the process of developing applications for mobile phone. Mobile applications are now very popular and prevalent as people want applications that can be used in a handheld device. The ease of using applications in hand makes the work very fast and smooth. If someone can use an application in his mobile phone then lots of time and money is saved. Therefore mobile applications are very popular and become very important things of modern day life. The popularity and necessity of the mobile phones cannot be explained in word now a days. In every aspect of life mobile applications are just like part of our body. Wherever we are travelling, reading, writing or even sleeping we can use the applications because of its availability in our mobile phones. Life has become much easier because of these applications. People now don’t not need to go to desktop or computer for using internet. Mobile phones are the device which make availability of the internet in hands. Mobile applications make the business process much easier as one can access to customer through the application. Because of this the global market has changed forever. Now one can sell or buy products even when is sleeping or doing something other works. Multiple works become easier because of these applications.

Mobile applications have changed the global market of business. Because of availability of e-commerce applications one can buy and sell products by accessing to internet via his mobile phone. Because of availability of mobile applications of the enterprises it has become very easy to access to products. The market of products has changed. Before people had to go to market to buy something but now they do not need to go, rather they have to order only via the app in their mobile phones and product reaches at the doorsteps. This is how the mobile applications have changed the market and marketing strategies. Internet has changed the world forever. Now someone doesn’t have to go to counter for booking a railway ticket or airplane ticket, he or she can book the ticket staying in his home only. This is how the mobile applications made the works easier. Someone doesn’t have to go to watch a TV for news. Daily news are available live on the mobile apps and he or she can watch news wherever he is travelling or sleeping on bed.

The availability of popular social networking sites as mobile applications has made the process of accessing and interacting to people just at hand. The social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other chatting applications are such applications which have mobilized the people around the world to a place over internet. Because of these applications the globe has become so small that we can talk to anyone physically far away from us. The global access is just a small matter now through these applications.

The operating system Android has created a revolution of mobile applications. This operating system is the contributor to the mobile apps world. Android has created a global market for modern businesses. Millions of apps are developed and installed in Android now a days and it is rapidly increasing. Google’s Play Store has a number of applications running on Android operating system. Google Play makes free of cost applications available worldwide and paid applications are also available in some countries. Applications can be installed with the device having Google Play Store app. One can develop his own android application and make available it on Play Store. Google encourages the android developers across the world to develop Android applications and to sell it on Play Store. In 2014 developers of 61 countries were able to distribute paid applications on Google Play Store. Play Store now has millions of applications and over 50 billion downloads of these applications globally till now.

Mobile Application Testing:

Mobile applications are tested first with the development environment using emulators and later subjected to field testing. Emulators provide the way to test applications on mobile phones to which developers may not have physical access. Google Android Emulator is an Android Emulator which is patched to run on Windows operating system as a standalone app without having to download the Android SDK. It can be installed and Android apps can be tested on it. Thus TestiPhone is another testing tool for testing iPhone web applications.