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Logo Design

A logo is a graphical representation or we can say the face of a company. A well-designed logo is by far the best marketing tool for a company. Logo is the most important part of a business and thus each company must see to it that their logo represents what their company is all about. The company logo is used everywhere, starting from its website to business card and other printed documents.

Designing a logo is a very delicate and time consuming process. Some startups tend to ignore the importance of logo at beginning and they just use any symbol randomly. But after some time as the business grow they realize that the logo they had chosen earlier is incompetent to their needs and require redesigning. This creates a problem as the whole stationery needs to be printed again and the logo needs to be changed from many places. Also people have a tendency to remember graphics. As soon as they see some graphic, the subconscious mind tries to relate it to other places where the same graphic was present. Changing the logo diminishes the chances for the new logo to be related to some previous memory of the person. And also the new logo requires some capital expenditure to replace the old logo completely.

A logo should be simple and must tell its audience about the purpose of the business. The color scheme should be appropriately selected so that the logo adapts to dark as well as light backgrounds. Typography has to be taken care of. It should also be taken care that our logo must be distinct from others. After logo designing we can also apply for a trademark. This will ensure that our logo will officially represent our business only and nobody other can claim it as their own.

There may be different version for a logo. There are situations where the logo needs to be placed horizontally and other where logo needs to be placed vertically. Other situations may also arise where we need a square logo. So we have to design different versions of a logo for all these situations. The size of a logo is a different for different places. We have design logo such that it looks great on outdoor hoardings as well as an android application.