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Electronic Commerce more commonly know as e-commerce has acquired everybody's attention in recent years. Any website where the users can make a payment is classified as an ecommerce website. Websites that come under this category include all online shopping websites like, hotel booking websites, travel ticket booking sites etc.

With the development of internet technology e-commerce is massively getting popularity among the buyers and sellers. E-commerce is now an alluring trading of products and services that abruptly got popularity among people. Substantial profit through this internet based business is flourishing everywhere in the globe.

The whole corporate world is now gazing on e-commerce as response of customers towards it is gradually increasing and they have found another market place on World Wide Web. The rapid development of internet technologies speeded up the process of development of e-commerce. Taking from a teenager to the adult everybody is now familiar with e-commerce. E-commerce is a short form of electronic-commerce which includes a numerous trading technologies such as mobile commerce, internet marketing, online fund transfer, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management system and automated data collection systems.

The most popular e-commerce technology today is online shopping, everyone is now attaching to this gift of internet technology. With massive spreading of e commerce a new market for the products and buyers has been created and it is going to be opportunities galore for the present and next generation as it is producing a huge place of employment.

E-commerce sites are producing a fashion of purchasing products on internet. The luring advertisements on internet are producing millions of customers across the world. If you take only the online shopping portals these sites are having millions of customers and producing a billion dollar assets. In India the flourishing of online shopping is beyond imagination. In a few days the online shopping sites are incoming a millions and the number of on line shopping portal is just increasing rapidly. Owners are becoming billionaires in a few months. Seeing this success the future of e-commerce can be easily imagined. In a recent survey e-commerce is going to dominate all the conventional marketing and trading techniques and will just surpass the assets of many corporate leaders. It’s a good indication for the new comers to the market as they are getting a large market with huge number of customers online.

The customer creating policy is getting easy with the emerging technologies of e-commerce. Before a few number of customers could be reached with a number of advertisements. But now with one advertisement millions customers can be created. Thus e-commerce is going to be very easy and cost effective trading technology now a days.

Now there is a mobile in every hand. With the raising popularity of mobile apps reaching to customer is very easy. One advertisement reach to millions in a few seconds. Thus growing of internet technology is creating splendid opportunities for the uprising market. Now selling and buying of product is a work of second. The customer-seller relationship is growing rapidly. Ease of doing business is a key factor in e-commerce. As everything is easy from advertising to selling of product. Even to buy household food items there no need to go to market as it can be received through internet. A book is also quickly available for readers on internet. Life is going more and more smoother. Mass sell and retail sell of product is now common through internet.

Online fund transfer and online transaction is very common now a days. With the boosting of e-commerce online transaction is a normal thing for the customers. Thus it can be seen how the growth of internet technology changed the manual works. E-commerce is the future of trade and commerce. There is no doubt that upcoming years will be the years of e-commerce tycoons. E-commerce is going to rule the internet world.

Future of e-commerce can be seen in


Only in Asia mobile-commerce has a worth of US$230 billion. And it is increasing relentlessly. According to survey 29% of mobile users have purchased atleast one item with their phones. So it can be estimated how mobile marketing is going to rule the online marketing.

Electronic fund transfer:

Transfer of money from one bank account to another bank account is now a common thing for the people. Everybody is now tilting towards this type of fund transfer technology. E-commerce technology has just changed the world.

Electronic data transfer:

Transfer of data like purchasing order, invoice documents electronically are very easy today. Buyers and sellers don’t want to indulge in manual works. Electronic data transfer is going to be very common in near times as e-commerce is getting immense response.

Inventory management system:

Computerized tracking of inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries are going to be a popular way of tracking of freights.

Data collection:

Online data collection of natural entities and scientific quest and information is very easy through internet. Scientific discoveries and test results are now available on internet. So for the for the business firms it is very easy to get data and produce according to.

Whats Included in an E-commerce Website

  • Shopping Cart
  • Login & Registeration System
  • Admin Panel
  • Payment Gateway
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management

E-commerce Websites

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